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Operating system interview questions

Q.1) What is an operating system? A computer system has many resources which may be software or a hardware. A few of the common resources are CPU, files, different processes, memory etc. All these resources are managed by a low level software which is known as operating system. It acts as an interface between computer…

Extract k bits from p position

This program extracts k bits from given position say p Logic:1) right shift the number by p-12)set k bits Do and of 1 & 2 Same question can be asked to extract from say p to kthen p =p but k = k-p +1 Implementation: Output:

To find max and min of two number

This program is to find max and min of a given two numbers. Logic:result = b ^ ((a ^ b) & -(a < b)); // min(a, b) In above expression,if a < b, then -( a < b) become -1, so it behave like below expression result = b ^ ((a ^ b) & ~0);…

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