Month: August 2021

Asymptotic Notation

When it comes to analyzing the complexity of an algorithm on the basis of time and space complexity, one can never provide an exact number to define the time and space required by an algorithm, instead we express it using… Read More ›

Space Complexity

Any solution to a problem requires memory to complete its required task. For any algorithm, memory is used for the following entities: Variables be it temporary or constant. The instruction of the program. Memory is required for the execution that… Read More ›

Time Complexity

Every algorithm needs some time to execute its instructions to perform the task. This computer time required is called time complexity. For a particular problem, there can be multiple solutions, which solution is chosen depends upon time and space required… Read More ›

Command Line Argument

In C programming language, command line arguments are the values that are passed from command line to our program. This allows the user to provide some input to the program at run time. Generally, all the command line arguments are… Read More ›

Types of arrays

In C programming language, arrays are classified into two types. They are as follows: Single Dimensional Array/One Dimensional Array Multi-Dimensional Array For a single Dimensional Array, please refer article array in C. This post covers basics about Multi-Dimensional arrays. In… Read More ›

Array of Structure

An array is a data structure that holds similar types of data whereas a the structure is the one which can hold data of different types. Please refer array and structure for better understanding. Thus an array of structures can… Read More ›


NULL Pointer:If in case the pointer variable does not point to any memory location, then it’s good practice to assign a NULL value to the pointer variable. The pointer variable with a NULL value is called the NULL pointer. A… Read More ›

Operation on pointers

Pointer is a variable which holds the address of another variable that it points to an address in a memory. The following arithmetic operations are valid to be performed on pointers. Assignment Operator(=) Increment Operator(++) Decrement Operator(–) Addition(+) Subtraction(-) Comparision… Read More ›