Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast MAC address

MAC can be classified as:

  • Unicast mac address
  • Multicast mac address and
  • Broadcast mac address

Unicast mac address:

  • Any frame with unicast address is send sent out to the interface leading to specific NIC.
  • It is one to to one communication.
  • If the LSB of the first octet is set to 0, means it is Unicast mac address and frame is meant to reach one specific NIC.

Multicast Mac address:

  • It allows the source ti send frame to group of devices.
  • If the LSB of first octet is set 1, means it is multicast mac address and frame is meant to reach multiple NIC cards.

Broadcast Mac Address:

  • Ethernet frames with ones in all bits of the destination address (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF) are referred as broadcast address.
  • Frames which are destined with MAC address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF will reach to every computer belong to that LAN segment.

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