Producer and Consumer problem Algorithm

  • This is an example of multi-process synchronization problem.
  • This problem can be solved by the condition variables.
  • Two condition variables are taken one for a producer and other for a consumer.

Algorithm for producer and consumer:

pthread_mutex_t lock;
pthread_cond_t empty, fill;

void *producer(void *args)
    while( buffer_is_fill)
          pthread_cond_wait(&buffer_empty, &lock);

void *consumer( void *args)
   while( buffer_empty)
       pthread_cond_wait(&buffer_fill, &lock);

Why Mutex lock is taken:Consider a scenario of two producer:

  • If the first producer(P1) produces the data and calls put_data() function to puts the data at 0th location of buffer but before the index is incremented to 1, it is preempted by another producer(P2).
  • The second producer will produce the data and uses the same old index and put data at buffer[0].
  • Thus the value of producer(P1) is lost.
  • Filling the buffer and incrementing the index is a part of the critical section and hence must be safeguarded against race conditions.
  • Thus both producer and consumer must be locked that it should be mutually exclusive.

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