Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast IP Address

Unicast Communication:

  • This is one-to-one communication.
  • The sender and recipient address are well known and the packet is crafted with a specific IP address.
  • The address used in such communication is known as unicast addresses.
  • Example: Unicast applications like HTTP, SMTP, FTP, and telnet.

Multicast Communication:

  • This is one to many communication.
  • In this packet is send from specific devices to multiple devices in a network.
  • The address used is known as multicast addresses.
  • It falls under class D of IP address( to
  • This is useful when the same data need to be given to a group of devices.
  • Example: Multicast Routing Protocol

Broadcast Address:

  • This is one to all communication.
  • In this packet is send from single source to all the devices in a a network.
  • An ethernet addresses are known as broadcast address(ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff).
  • IP address will be
  • An IP broadcast address is the highest address in its class((class C:
  • Example: ARP resolution.

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