Types of Operating System

A few of the important types of an Operating System are:

Batch Operating System:

  • There is an operator which takes similar jobs having the same requirement and groups them into batches.
  • It is the responsibility of the operator to sort jobs with similar needs.

Multiprogramming OS:

  • In this type of operating system, there are multiple jobs or programs in the memory.
  • The system picks the next jobs once the currently running jobs need I/O operations and is moved out of main memory.
  • Thus the system never sits idle.

Multitasking or Time Sharing system:

  • It is an extension of multiprogramming operating system where time is divided into multiple slots called quantum and each task is given a time slot.
  • Once the time elapses, the processor is given to the next program.
  • Here each task is given equal priority.

Distributed Operating System:

  • This type of operating system has several processors located at a different locations to provide fast computation to its users.
  • Each location will have its memory unit and CPU and users can access files or software which are not present on his system but some other system connected within this network.
  • An example is the Client and Server Model.

Multiprocessor Operating system:

  • A Multiprocessor system, consists of several processors that share a common physical memory. Multiprocessor system provides higher computing power and speed.
  • In a multiprocessor system all processors operate under a single operating system.
  • A multiplicity of the processors and how they do act together are transparent to the others.

Real-Time Operating System:

  • This is used for time-critical applications where the response time should be minimal.
  • Examples: Missile systems, air traffic control systems, robots, etc.

Diag-1: Types of Operating System

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