Architecture of Linux Operating System

The architecture of a Linux system consists of the following elements:

  • Hardware
  • Kernel
  • Shell
  • Utilities


This is the physical hardware which consists of all peripheral devices like mouse, CPU, keyboard,network interface card.


Kernel is the core part of the operating system which interacts directly with the hardware, provides low-level services to upper layer components.

A few of the key responsibilities of a kernel are: process management, I/O management, CPU scheduling, memory management..


It acts as an interface between user application and kernel. It provides access to kernel resources by use of a system call API.


It is a program that provides information about the operating system to users. A common example are: top(displaying system and memory utilization), grep, ssh, vi, date, which, history.


Linux is based on the UNIX architecture.

Diag-1: Linux Architecture

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