History of Linux Operating System

  • Linux is just a kernel and not the complete operating system.
  • It is based on UNIX operating system, its code is written from scratch and is completely different from that of UNIX.
  • It was developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds and his team and later it was joined with the GNU project in 1992 to have GNU/LINUX operating system as a combined version of GNU software and Linux kernel.
  • By 1990. as a part of GNU(GNU not Unix) project, compilers, editors, text formatters, mail software, graphical interface, libraries, games were developed.
  • The Linux kernel is generally packaged in Linux distribution which makes it a complete OS
  • Linux distribution is an operating system that is created from a collection of software built upon the Linux Kernel and is a package management system.
  • A standard Linux distribution consists of a Linux kernel, GNU system, GNU utilities, libraries, compiler, additional software, documentation, a window system, window manager, and a desktop environment.
  • Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora are the few distributions of Linux.

Diag-1: Linux History

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