Components of Operating System

There are three important components of an Operating system:

  • Kernel
  • Libraries
  • Utilities


  • It is the core component of the Operating system and contains sub-system like process management, I/O management, File sub-system, Memory Management, scheduler, Secondary storage management, etc.
  • It is the first program that is loaded after the bootloader remains in the memory until the operating system is shut-down.
  • The major aim of the kernel is to manage communication between software i.e. user-level applications and hardware i.e., CPU and disk memory.


The operating system libraries contain a function:

  • for file manipulations
  • for getting the current date and time and
  • other related facilities related to an operating system
  • It is defined in table os like os.rename( for changing the name of the files)


  • It is a program or an applications that provides information about users.
  • Example: top(displaying system and memory utilization), grep, ssh

Diag-1: Components of Operating System


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